Friday, August 5, 2011


Today I was looking at different business opportunities to invest my money in.
Yes, I never dreamed becoming a "long-term" employee.
I 've always wanted to be the employer.
This will take a lot of time.
And I'm getting started.

Fortunately, I've been reading Bo Sanchez's 8 secrets of the truly rich.
after ingesting page after page,
I have decided to apply it. Try out the change that was needed of me.

So as I started thinking what my psychological wallet should amount to,
the first few drops of blessing rushed in.

I got a starting money for my portfolio or as a capital investment.
Which by the way, came for free.

So now, I have devised a way to continue this new-found success path.
And this is by 7P's (in exact order):

Please the source

Prayer- by no means is anybody going anywhere without the help of our God. I suggest you work on this first above EVERYTHING.
Profile- Who are you?check your character, your behavior and your attitude. This is a very difficult process and it is very hard to change, but if you really want to become successful, you can do it,
Perseverance- If you did not work hard for it, you will not work hard to keep it. This explains it.
Profits- If you maintain an attitude of faith and positiveness (not even a nib of negative thoughts) then you are on your way to raking in profits.
Patience- Of course, this is very very important, people who are impatient tend to lose a lot quickly, since they want to make it quickly.
Please the source- remember that you are blessed because of God. Please Him with your offerings and please others. You are blessed so that you can give back and share. It is a cycle. Do not forget where you came from.
Pray- with everything, there should always be thanksgiving to God. If you have reached it, make sure to thank Him. He is the source of everything you have.

Be blessed and be a blessing. That is what your success is for. Not so that you can slap faces with your money, not for revenge, not to prove you are better. But to help. If you do it, then teach others to do it. Be someone people can look up to.


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