Friday, November 16, 2012

In order to follow, Forgive.

I have a friend who has been dealing with a loss of a very closed loved one recently.

You see, when you lose someone, it really hurts, but in her case, someone she loves was taken from her.

You must imagine the pain. the hurt, the anguish and everything your mind will dictate on you because of anger.

Perhaps, during times like these, the world has been most unfair and you are not deserving of such an incident.

But as life goes on, things will unfold, everything will make sense, Everything will suddenly have meaning and we will realize the truth of what we have had to go through.

But one thing is required in order for you to be finally set free from the hatred, from the burden of trauma.
You must forgive. In forgiving, it is you who is set free. In forgiving, you trust that God will be the judge and not you. You will trust that God knows everything and is at work in your life. You will trust God with everything even if it does not seem to be clear to you. You will keep the faith in God that whatever reason He has, it is ALWAYS for your best.

God is in control. Moments of suffering always cloud our vision. They darken things. But when you are focused on the light of God, through your constant communication with Him and your relationship with Him, you will never lose sight of the important things in life. You will never run out of anything. There will always be people, provisions, love, acceptance and care in your life. You will always have exactly what you need if you surrender it all to Him.

Choose to forgive those who have hurt you and those who have hurt you repeatedly. God knows and sees everything. And He will always give us what we deserve. Just continue being a true Christian and continue your duties so that you always walk in His ways.

One day, things will unfold, things will ligthen up, things will make sense...and you will have moved on.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Trusting in the present times

" Lord following you isn't easy, but I believe and trust that You will not leave me as I encounter difficulties in doing so."

It's hard. Yes it is. The moment you focus yourself in giving up everything to Him and letting Him have the steering wheel, there will be a lot of temptations to take the wheel back and control your life. We all hate uncertainty, but it is in the uncertainty of life that we can prove our faith and trust in God. Without faith, it is impossible to please God.

And in proving that faith, there will be a lot of trials to mold us, and to prove that God is the absolute power over everything. You will encounter experiences that will show you how God is the almighty and powerful God who has control over everything. And when you witness to this event in your life, you will be called again and again to submit the most uncertain situations in your life, career, health, family and friends.
The sooner we accept that God is in control, the sooner we can let go and experience the life He always wanted for us. And who can make a better life for you than God? You can never outdo His generosity and His favor, or even more, His wisdom. He knows everything. He sees everything.

In following the commandment to trust in Him and Fear not, God will always put us in a position where we yearn for Him. God knows if and when we are halfhearted in our service, belief and trust in Him. We like to trust God but still we want to control what will happen. That is why we are placed in certain situations that are uncomfortable to us, so that we learn to search for Him wholeheartedly.  And in the scripture, He promises that if you seek Him with all your heart, you will find find Him.

Now what would be better than finding God and encountering Him in your life and in everything that happens to you?

I believe that whatever discomfort you are facing now, whether in your career, family, health, finances and relationships, God is at work behind the scenes. He is waiting for you to seek Him with all of you. Don't try to snag the steering wheel from His hands because you are afraid. He forbids us to worry and forbids us to fear. Though it is a natural human emotion, He already declared in His word that there is nothing to fear for He holds everything in His hands. God is already promising you a great life with Him and all that's left to do is to accept it!

It doesn't matter who you are. If people don't know who you really are, if you are forced to wear a mask everyday in your life to conceal the real you, with God you can come clean. He loves you and there is nothing you can do for Him to unlove you. The world may judge you, and may even use God to judge you, but God is not of this world. And no human in this world can speak for Him. If you share a special relationship with God and you are deeply rooted in Him, no matter who and what you are, you will find peace in Him and the world cannot hurt you.

All that's left to do now is hold on to Him and trust that His word is always true and will not fade. He saved you already, now you should offer your life as a gift of thanks to Him. Do what He tells you to do and start by trusting in Him. It may not make sense to you, it may be difficult for you, but the turnout will be far greater than you have ever imagined.

I hope you share your life to everyone and bare yourself to God.

Stay blessed!


1.Mind your own business. Yes, please mind your own business. When you start being concerned about things which are not related to you, you lose your grip on your thought process which often results in negativity disturbing the mental peace. Basically, your mind starts wandering here and there. As you know that a non-focused mind is evil's workshop hence the germs of negativity and jealousy gain more strength. So next time an unnecessary thought comes to your mind, think whether this is really something you should be worrying for? If not, shun it right away and focus on something positive, practical and fruitful.

2.Surround yourself in positive people. Ignore negative comments and stay away from negative souls. When someone is negative, he spreads negativity and you get affected. Permanently staying with such people will have long term impact on your character so think about your company.

3.Don't think about others too much. Remember the great quote: small minds discuss people; Average minds discuss events; Higher minds discuss ideas and Great minds act in silence. Don't allow your brain to compare yourself to others as this is an insult to yourself. Don't be Jealous; it's a heart killing disease, get rid of it as soon as possible. When you are jealous you focus on finding faults in others even if they don't have. This poisons your soul and steals the mental peace.

4.You can't keep everyone happy. Don't be over sensitive. Be natural and genuine in what you do. Be positive, constructive and ethical in your deeds and then don't really care too much about others. Be aware, don't apply this formula to too closed relations. Develop trust to establish powerful relationships.

5.Control your mood swings as it is an indication of unstable personality. Do it by not being over sensitive to others. Stop being reactive and implosive. Stay calm.

6.Ignore your thoughts about being unlucky. Bad luck happens to everyone. It's not your fault at all. Time whether good or bad, passes quickly. Develop the power of not looking back into your past. Believe in the power of Now. Believe in your skills. Work hard and have faith in God; you will get what you have been entitled for. Be patient and see what God has planned for you. Patience and consistency in your deeds is the key to success.

7.Simplicity in your character and living style can overcome the stress and improve your happiness index. Don't be socially sensitive and start following every single trend your social circle is following.