Tuesday, August 16, 2011

NEVER be idle

This is one of those days that I have nothing to do. Well, there are a few things that I must accomplish.
However, they have become monotonous.

I dread these moments. I do not like being idle. Moreover, having no one to talk to.

It is during these times that fear enters in my mind. And the enemy starts with all of his crap.
But then I realize, it is crap.
I should not listen to it.
Crap is meant to be thrown away.

But, in resolution, I do not want to be idle.
Not now, not anytime.

I will not let the enemy bring his filth and dirt in my mind.
Nor will I listen to it.
As I would like to put it, " bahala ka sa buhay mo. papansin ka masyado."

And then the most powerful thing to do, PRAY.
these attacks can never empower you,
provided that you trust and pray.
PRAY all the time.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The greatness of our God

“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33 NIV)

I have been in trouble..I have had 2 major downfalls and many minor ones. But now I can hear the voice of God saying that I should not wait for a third one. It is now that I decide that I am for God alone. That He is with me and that I should move forward to Him. I was filled with thoughts of being undeserving, thoughts of ridicule from my friends, but now I know that it is God asking me to speak these words to them. God is asking me to proclaim His greatness to everyone I will walk with in this life. 

Everyday as I pray in the morning, God fills me with inspiration. Of things that I should say to people when I meet them. But sometimes He is also silent. He knows that in silence we can speak to Him. I speak to the Lord. I ask for His cleansing and His grace. I know that I cannot do it with my own strength. I cannot do anything in my own strength. It is through God that everything is done. Everything in the world happens with the permission of God. It will suffice that  we know that. But the reasons for why they happen are not ours to know. That is why we should stop asking "why?".

It is hard to be obedient. For the moment you take a single step to become obedient, you will be tempted to go back almost immediately. Ask God for the strength to push on. To push forward despite of temptations. And you will see how good our God is. And you will feel how magnificent it is to be in His presence.

Believe me, it feels much better to have God than a new cellphone, a new car, a new house, a new partner, a new business or all of them combined. It is so much better to have God than all that you dream of in this world. You think that all of these things satisfy you. But no, they distract you from your real goal. To serve the purpose God has made for you. That is why all success that you are experiencing now should be for His glory. it should be given back to God. It should serve for His purposes.

In your daily life you will be filled with unclean thoughts. You will be filled with negative thoughts. And you should be well aware that NO NEGATIVE THING COMES FROM GOD. So take heart, pray for cleansing against this impure and evil thoughts.  Cast them out in the name of Jesus Christ. And ask the Holy Spirit to fill you and remain in you to guard you and to guide you. For we are always in a spiritual battle. Wherever we are. We should always remember that we should remain in the grace of God.

Friday, August 5, 2011


Today I was looking at different business opportunities to invest my money in.
Yes, I never dreamed becoming a "long-term" employee.
I 've always wanted to be the employer.
This will take a lot of time.
And I'm getting started.

Fortunately, I've been reading Bo Sanchez's 8 secrets of the truly rich.
after ingesting page after page,
I have decided to apply it. Try out the change that was needed of me.

So as I started thinking what my psychological wallet should amount to,
the first few drops of blessing rushed in.

I got a starting money for my portfolio or as a capital investment.
Which by the way, came for free.

So now, I have devised a way to continue this new-found success path.
And this is by 7P's (in exact order):

Please the source

Prayer- by no means is anybody going anywhere without the help of our God. I suggest you work on this first above EVERYTHING.
Profile- Who are you?check your character, your behavior and your attitude. This is a very difficult process and it is very hard to change, but if you really want to become successful, you can do it,
Perseverance- If you did not work hard for it, you will not work hard to keep it. This explains it.
Profits- If you maintain an attitude of faith and positiveness (not even a nib of negative thoughts) then you are on your way to raking in profits.
Patience- Of course, this is very very important, people who are impatient tend to lose a lot quickly, since they want to make it quickly.
Please the source- remember that you are blessed because of God. Please Him with your offerings and please others. You are blessed so that you can give back and share. It is a cycle. Do not forget where you came from.
Pray- with everything, there should always be thanksgiving to God. If you have reached it, make sure to thank Him. He is the source of everything you have.

Be blessed and be a blessing. That is what your success is for. Not so that you can slap faces with your money, not for revenge, not to prove you are better. But to help. If you do it, then teach others to do it. Be someone people can look up to.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

The God of Silence

This I realized as I was rediscovering myself.

I was waiting for God to speak all the time.
I did not realize that through everything, He is silent.
When I was happy, giving Him thanks, He is silent.
When I am down, crying unto Him, He is silent.
When I shout, sometimes blaming everything on Him, He is silent.

But He answers...
Not through His words...
But through everything else.
Now, that's more than words can give you.

He will lead,
He will show you,
He will make you feel.

As for me,
I may not have received everything I have asked for,
But every prayer was answered.

Obedience. was the only answer.
Whether you get it or not.
We do not really have any control over anything.
We cannot dictate our circumstances.
Rather, we should prepare ourselves and equip our minds and spirits that we should be able to handle everything coming our way.
That is why it is necessary to wear the armor of righteousness.
(I bet some would say, "what is this person talking about?")
If you read the bible,
Mt 7:13"You can enter God's Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way.

If you find life easy, and you find yourself giving in to all your comforts and happiness, most especially at the expense of other people, better think twice.
Life is hard, but it becomes easy when you know how to kneel down and ask for help from the One who can and will help.

God will only give you a task you can do. If He brought you to it, He will bring you through it.
I know that in this generation, many have fallen into sin.
If everybody's doing it, why don't we do it as well.

I have fallen into that once,too.
and I have realized, that is what makes us different from animals.
We do not rely on our feelings (how many times have your feelings let you down?),instincts, on our intuition,
We rely on our God.
And on our part, we are called to be like Him.
Christ- like.
After all, we are created after His image and likeness.
If you want to boast about that, why don't you practice it as well?

It is important to hear the silence of God.
Because it is in this silence that we realize how far we have gone from Him.
It is in this silence that we are drawn near to Him, again.
It is in this silence that we encounter Him.
And it is in this silence, that He answers us.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It was a call.

If it didn't happen, I wouldn't have been awakened.

I guess it's time to reveal who I really am.
Beyond that image I so strongly build up everyday to conceal who I am.
But that could only go on for so long.
Pretending can only go on for so long.
Masquerades must end no matter how long you intend to wear the mask.

I have been hiding that I, am weak.
For me weakness was not acceptable..It was not for me.
That was before I had to see it for myself.
I had to see for myself how vulnerable I was.
My greatest fear came to be.
I do not have control.

I was angry, frustrated, depressed.
I was down.
and for a while, instead of looking for the solution to how I felt,
I was sitting, trying to analyze things..trying to figure out what was going wrong.
I was trying to figure out if someone was doing this to me,
until it hit me. I was doing this to me.
Then I figured, everybody's doing it to themselves.
And I am no different.

Time passed and I still couldn't figure it out.
Until it hit me; I couldn't figure it out.
I knew I had to be answered.
But I went to the wrong people.
My fears grew worse.
Things get worse when you take the wrong turn and ask the wrong people for advice.
Things get worse when you talk to people more miserable than you.
because you get jolted into the reality that it is hard.
What is hard?
everything is.

When I realized this, I became even more sad.
I felt so low, but denying that I was depressed.
How could it be?
I still wouldn't give up.
I still wanted to search and explain for myself.
As if the paranoia and the fear was not yet crippling enough.
I subconsciously decided I wanted to add more.
Until I spun out of control.
and even more. the fear of being bewildered.

I was in a situation that no one would actually end up in.
I was afraid to die...but I was afraid to live.

How can this happen to me?I ask myself.
How did I turn into this?
How can someone actually be the cause of their own struggle.
I couldn't understand.
I wanted to understand.
But I wasn't going to.
Not by my understanding.

Then I unloaded everything to my mother.
As much as I have turned my back on her,
She was standing, looking with pity at me.
I was empty.
And for a mother, it was too much to see her child suffer.
then she reminded me.
"Anak, PRAY"
I said, "Yes ma, I am."
She continued, "PRAY UNCEASINGLY".

I went with her to the feast.
It was a gathering, a Holy gathering.
Every son and daughter of God came to worship and rejoice.
And I decided, I am a daughter of God.
I will come too. I will worship and rejoice.
Something I haven't done for so long.
Way too long.

As the days went by,
I would relapse to the defeated self I have left.
But I would pick myself up.
I had to decide.

I will stop complaining,
I will stop blaming,
I will stop analyzing,
I will stop controlling,
I will stop demanding.

Everything I am, was the result of my decisions.
Everything I thought of, was materialized.
I created all this.
But now, I can't "uncreate" it.

No, Not me.
I cannot do it.
No one can.
You think you can.
But pretty soon, you will realize that you need help.
No matter how hard you try.
You will realize,

I need Him. I need my God.

It is only through Him that I can overcome.
I filled myself with His promises.
I thought I had faith.

But I realized, it's easy to have faith when things are going well.
You will know that it is when things are spinning out of control,
that you will see, How much faith do I have?

I thought I had faith.
But now, I know I have faith.
I am beginning to rediscover it.
The REAL faith.

Not faith when I ask and I receive it.
Not the faith that is asking for signs and assurance.
Not faith that is only present when I am okay.

I am learning real faith.
I am learning the life that I should have.
I am learning that to be transformed begins with me.

You should not wait for God to change you.
No, it does not work that way.
God is waiting for you to change.
God is waiting for you to pass the exam.
God wants to hear that you are asking for His help.
Because He will.

Believe me, He will.

And as for me,
This continuing process of rediscovery is a start of something new in my life.
The success I have been dreaming of now has a new meaning, a new foundation.
And it can never be stolen from me.

This is the most secure relationship in the world.
A person you love can leave you anytime. Or when the next better lover arrives.
But this relationship, can never be broken.
Because your partner never leaves.
And the only way the relationship will be broken,
is when you turn away. when you leave.
This relationship will teach you the real meaning of TRUST, UNDERSTANDING AND FAITH.
And the teacher is better than anyone you know in this world.

So I suggest, you start in this new relationship.
Do not wait for a downfall. For I have discovered that when you are in so much need, like being submerged in water needing one gasp of air,
that you remember HIM. You remember Him when you cannot take it anymore.
I suggest you remember Him. Now, every second and forevermore.