Monday, December 30, 2013

"You do not regenerate outside your game"

Ever watched the movie Wreck-it-Ralph? Well, it was on TV the other day and they kept in repeating the line "you do not regenerate outside your game" which kinda got to me since I was in the pondering-on-everything state of mind.
There is this feeling we have that we can actually do anything. And while I spot on agree to that, I feel there is a rule about that in order for it to be carried out properly. I have a belief that we cannot regenerate outside of God. Yes you may do things, but without Him, nothing is done. And when things die or fall apart outside of Him, it simply cannot come back to life.

When you leave Him out of the picture, you cannot regenerate.
When everything fails because He was left out, I doubt that anything can come together without Him.
Because He is the source of all things. Of everything.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

God has a solution, Guaranteed!

Phil 4:19 “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

We have learned how every promise of God has a guarantee. Now it does not matter if you have been in a relationship with God for a long time or you just met Him lately, God’s promise is for every single one of His children. Claim it and take hold of it in your heart. Sometimes you’re going to hear some voices in your mind saying, “really? You really think that’s going to happen?” or “you really think it’s just going to come to you like that? Get real!” But we encourage you to shun those thoughts, pay no mind to those discouraging feelings, to those feelings of disappointment, hopelessness and everything else that gets you down. God wants you to experience His mercy, providence, healing, abundance and love by holding on to His guarantees. The most important thing to remember is to WAIT IN FAITH. You don’t know when and how the things you ask for are going to happen, but you believe that God has absolute power to make them happen in your life. You will not try to take some control to plan how it happens, but you wait for God’s direction with full TRUST.

Most of the times in our lives, we become impatient, we like to take things into our hands, we like to plan how things should go and then all of a sudden, we end up disappointed. But now, it’s the best time to start holding God’s guarantees and keeping them in mind. When He says something, He does it to the full measure. When He promises something, He more than keeps His promises. You may have been through a lot, you may have made mistakes, shameful deeds and bad decisions, but God is merciful enough that if you rekindle your relationship with Him, you can still experience the fullness of His love.

In the words of a famous preacher, we must remember this by heart: that God is the God of the universe. He can do anything, He can create anything, He owns everything and the best part of all is, He is my Father! Do not be shy to ask for anything because nothing is too great for Him.

So whatever it is you’re dealing with, no matter how bad it seems to be, Do not contradict this fact. Instead, just keep it in your heart and watch God fulfill His guarantees for you in His time and season.