Monday, February 24, 2014

When God is silent

There are no accidents in life. God has it all written down in His book.
The problem is, my unwillingness to accept that none of the things and events in life are under my control.
Only the way I respond to them.

When you are going through a chain of seemingly unfortunate events, it is acceptable in human nature to question God for His purposes. To launch the big WHY? But, do not lose heart, for in God's seeming silence, He works His miracles in us. We, should develop silence in the face of adversity. To listen, and in listening, finally get our revelation.

When you get too much comfort in life, there leads the sin of complaining for the smallest mishaps or trials, not noticing the blessings you never asked for, but have received. In the midst of insurmountable trials, we are tempted to cry and whine against God, not thinking that He never sends us where His grace cannot sustain us. When He leads us to a direction against our will, we refuse to bend. We say, "everything has been going so well, then suddenly, this." What we do not see is that beyond the adversities, everything is still going well. It is our ability to see beyond it that is being developed. It is our need for God to being developed, as we most often forget Him when things are going smoothly.  Seeing beyond adversity is walking by faith, not by sight.
For you, there may not be a clearly visible way, but that does not mean that there is no way. Just because you don't see something doesn't mean that it is nonexistent. You only see the few steps ahead, God sees the whole staircase. You only walk in the path before you that you can see, God sees until the end of the road. Who then, should control the driving? We are blind drivers hoping to see the next sign. Yet we complain as if it were our right to know. Our self- entitlement to know and be in control takes over us. Why should we be?

When God is silent, He is at work. While we are too busy whining and complaining and we refuse to see the good despite the bad, we forget to reflect of the possible benefits these trials are giving us. Then maybe, we are being taught to reflect about everything in life. So that we may live a meaningful one.

When God is silent, we must know that He is still God. Whatever is happening in our lives will pass. There are no permanent storms, unless we create them everyday. And even in storms, there are possibilities of keeping ourselves warm and safe by holding on to His promises that He will deliver us out of it.

When God is silent, we must be patient. Patience is a lesson that mostly involves God dragging us somewhere kicking and screaming. We do not want to be moved when we are somewhere comfortable. Like St. Paul said, we boast of our suffering because it produces perseverance, which produces our character and our character produces hope. How can you possibly make diamonds without breaking its outer rocks?

When God is silent, He still loves us. In fact, He is silent because He loves us. He listens to us and makes a way for us. We get ourselves way in above our head and as our Father, he always bails us out. We don't have to be anything for Him. We're good just as we are and He loves us that whatever we throw at Him He just sends us His love even more, whether or not we like the form it takes when it gets to us.

So when God is silent, He is still here. He is with me, whether or not I feel it. God's presence isn't based on my feelings, it's based on my faith. And if I focus on the mountain then I cannot develop my faith. It will take a while to get used to focusing on the positive after being so negative, but it's possible. Everything is possible. It just looks impossible because I am not willing to put in the effort and the hard work. But nothing of importance ever comes easy.

I choose to thank God, because without this mountain climb, I may never reach a top and have a great view in life.  To live fully is to witness His kingdom revealed in my life and walk in His glory so that others can too.

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