Friday, February 7, 2014

Overcoming dependence

Dependence, in all its meaning is very unhealthy and destructive unless it is on God. We cannot depend on anything else after all, not ourselves, not other people and most definitely not on things. God provides people in our lives and supplies them with His grace in order to be His intruments, but depence on them can mask and overpower our need for dependence on God.

You can very well tell when you are beginning to lose dependence on God when you lose security in Him. When you base your security on something else other than Him, things get out of hand. You develop attachments. Now attachments can be towards objects or people and when it becomes a habit, you will be having a hard time breaking free and regaining your composure in the love of God. The bottom line is, security on other things will lead you to lise security in God.

The good news is God is always available to lead us back to Him. He is always willing to provide us the grace to see Him and feel His presence when we are overwhelmed with insecurity. We should just be open and willing to let it go and surrender our fears and anxieties to Him. Some people struggle with a bit if anxiety and insecurity while some are almost paralyzed because of it but either way, the answer still relies on God. When you have made dependence and insecurity a habit, it may be hard to overcome it at first but as you push on little by little you will find surrendering to God and regaining security in Him to be easier and easier. It will take time, it will be uncomfortable at first, but the good news is once you start the renewing of your habits, you will begin to see little victories day by day.

You will learn to do small things and eventually big things even if you are afraid. What matters is your commitment to your renewal beginning with your mind. You must be committed to think thoughts that remind you of God's presence and control in your lufe. You should keep praying for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to help you push on and endure this trial because we know that all of God's people are bound to be victorious. Ask for patience, as most of us fall in this part of our journey to victory. When you have made this daily walk a habit, surely, you are headed to freedom from your bondage to fear and insecurity.

I have been on the journey to regaining my security in God and I myself have celebrated victories, no matter how small, toward the full life God has intended for me. What matters is that we keep at it, even if we sometimes experience setbacks and failures, He is kind and merciful and will help us back on our feet again. 

God made His people strong and has bestowed upon them His power to overcome anything.

All glory be to Him!

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