Friday, November 16, 2012

In order to follow, Forgive.

I have a friend who has been dealing with a loss of a very closed loved one recently.

You see, when you lose someone, it really hurts, but in her case, someone she loves was taken from her.

You must imagine the pain. the hurt, the anguish and everything your mind will dictate on you because of anger.

Perhaps, during times like these, the world has been most unfair and you are not deserving of such an incident.

But as life goes on, things will unfold, everything will make sense, Everything will suddenly have meaning and we will realize the truth of what we have had to go through.

But one thing is required in order for you to be finally set free from the hatred, from the burden of trauma.
You must forgive. In forgiving, it is you who is set free. In forgiving, you trust that God will be the judge and not you. You will trust that God knows everything and is at work in your life. You will trust God with everything even if it does not seem to be clear to you. You will keep the faith in God that whatever reason He has, it is ALWAYS for your best.

God is in control. Moments of suffering always cloud our vision. They darken things. But when you are focused on the light of God, through your constant communication with Him and your relationship with Him, you will never lose sight of the important things in life. You will never run out of anything. There will always be people, provisions, love, acceptance and care in your life. You will always have exactly what you need if you surrender it all to Him.

Choose to forgive those who have hurt you and those who have hurt you repeatedly. God knows and sees everything. And He will always give us what we deserve. Just continue being a true Christian and continue your duties so that you always walk in His ways.

One day, things will unfold, things will ligthen up, things will make sense...and you will have moved on.

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